Holi – Festival of Colors and Cows

We had so much fun last year – Come Join Us.

We celebrate the festival of colors with the cows like how it was celebrated 5000 years ago in the land of cows.   BUY TICKETS HERE

What is Holi, and what’s the significance of it?

Festival of Colors emphasizes equality in people of all colors. It is where people forget their differences and celebrate equality, the cornerstone of a peaceful society.

What do participants get out of it?

This unique Festival of Colors caters to a wide range of audience from animal lovers who want to pet the cows, to kids who want unlimited free rides on the ginormous water slides, to everyone who likes to have fun with colors, music and dance or just enjoy delicious food.

Describe what the day will be like: What’s a rain dance?

Holi is the festival where people throw colors on each other, dance and enjoy food and festivities. Rain dance signifies people dancing and enjoying with nature which we rarely get to do. At this event, we will create an artificial rain to simulate the natural enjoyment. There will be a whole four hours of packed fun and dance. 

– Micheal Jackson protege‘ Nisha will open the event with her mesmerizing voice.     

– Local Music composer, Satish will energize the stage with ecstatic music.     

– Bollywood dance star Revathi will move the crowd with interactive Holi Moves.      

– ASU Bollywood dance group will bring an amazing dance performance on stage. 

Is it open to public?

It is open to public. Entry ticket is $8 online and $10 onsite.  Tickets can be purchased from: 


Goshala is a local non-profit organization that promotes protecting cows and living naturally as the solution for a sustainable planet.  All proceeds from this event go to support the great cause.